Ishii lab research images

We focus on environmental microbiology and biotechnology in the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate as well as the BioTechnology Institute at the University of Minnesota. The lab is located in the Snyder Hall of the St. Paul campus. 

The goal of my lab is to solve key environmental problems, specifically focus on (1) nitrogen pollution and (2) the occurrences of pathogens. Please see research page for detail. Follow us on Twitter.



  • 4/20/18: Luke and Hannah gave poster presentations at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. Good job!
  • 4/16/18: Isabel and Satoshi gave oral presentations at the Geological Society of America (GSA) North-Central Section Meeting at Ames, IA (meeting website)
  • 4/13/18: Satoshi's presentation won at the GenoFling event hosted by the U of M Genomics Center. The award is a $2,500 grant for pilot sequencing project. Thanks UMGC and the Sabes Fund for Genomics.
  • 4/11/18: Satoshi gave a talk about our nitrogen bioremediation research at the MnDRIVE Environment Symposium (website)
  • 4/2/18: Our NiCE chip article is featured in the current issue of AEM spotlight! (article)
  • 3/10/18: New article from the Ishii lab! Zhang and Ishii. 2018. Improved simultaneous quantification of multiple waterborne pathogens and fecal indicator bacteria with the use of a sample process control. Water Res. in press (abstract)
  • 2/21/18: Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS) has been installed in the Ishii lab. Now we can measure stable isotope-labeled gaseous compounds such as N2, N2O and CO2. Thanks for the BTI, Sebastian Behrens, and Trinity Hamilton for their contributions to this purchase!
  • 2/20/28: Our Mn oxidation research was featured in the BTI Gateway Blog. (article)
  • 2/2/18: New article from the Ishii lab! Oshiki et al. 2018. Nitrogen cycle evaluation (NiCE) chip for the simultaneous analysis of multiple N-cycle associated genes. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. in press (abstract)
  • 1/30/18: New article from the Ishii lab! Ahmed et al. 2018. Microfluidic quantification of multiple enteric and opportunistic bacterial pathogens in roof-harvested rainwater tank samples. Environ. Monit. Assess. (abstract)